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(updated April 24, 2002)


Skorina is such an unusual name. It is so unique that until last week, every Skorina that I have come in contract with, I am somehow related to. The story goes that two brothers immigrated from the city of Grodno (which is now in the country of Belarus) late in the first decade of this century. I have not found any written confirmation of this and although I tend to believe it, I am suspicious on how we got the name Skorina. You see my world wide web searches have only found Skorinas that are descendants of these two brothers except for one famous Skorina, Francisk Skorina, who lived around the 16th century. He is so famous that he even has a large street in Belarus's capital Minsk named for him. (I'll include a little about this guy later.) Since I was not able to find any references to Skorinas even in Belarus (sans Francisk) and because of a lack of official documents on their immigration, I have a theory that they took the name when they came to the United States. This is just a theory.

One death certificate lists their parents as Sam Skorina and Julia Zuk. 


I have also included my genealogical database on-line.


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